Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The Stories Of Immigrant Founders In The US

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Why this movie?

Both anecdotal and statistical evidence seem to suggest that companies with at least one immigrant founder perform above average. 

What are the unfair advantages that immigrant founders possess? What are the obstacles they need to overcome compared to American-born entrepreneurs?

More importantly, who are these immigrant founders? What makes them so successful?

We dive into their dreams, mistakes, difficulties and success stories to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs going to the US to live the American Dream.

“I came to the US because it’s a 20x larger market than Ecuador, but I want to create jobs both here and back home.”

Meet Juan. He’s from Ecuador. He was an entrepreneur there, but he decided to sell it all and go to the US to create a much larger company. After obtaining an MBA from a prestigious US university, he founded WAKU, the plant-based tonic for a healthy gut. And it’s all based on natural resources from his native Ecuador.

Juan Giraldo

Like Juan, all the founders we met are powered by grit and vision. And their VCs too!

We interviewed founders, accelerators, VCs and all those who walk alongside these exceptional human beings on their path to a much-deserved success.

Read their stories below!

Benjamin robinot

After a long and successful career in finance in Seoul, Paris and London, Benjamin launched a fintech startup called 9.30am.

He’s an immigrant founder.

Marie Meslin

Marie is your typical globe-trotter. She lived in France, the Netherlands, and the UK before moving to the US. She is the Executive Director of The Capital Network and the Creator of the Fellowship for Female Founders.

She helps immigrant founders.

Emmanuel Arnaud

Emmanuel is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in France, and he’s intent on replicating that in the US! With the acquisition of HomeExchange and over $40 million raised, he’s on track. Emmanuel is also the President of the French Tech Boston.

He’s an immigrant founder.


Manan is a founding partner at Unshackled Ventures, a VC firm investing in companies founded by immigrants. American-born from immigrant parents, Manan is the perfect bridge to help startups succeed in the US.

He invests in immigrant founders.

Clement Cazalot

Clement is the Managing Director of Techstars Boston. He came to the US to grow the company he had founded and sold it to a US market leader. He now invests his time and considerable experience helping other founders succeed.

He helps immigrant founders.


The JOURNEY Continues!

Our interviews don’t stop with this movie. We will continue to interview immigrant founders and those who help them succeed, so they have a voice on our platform.

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