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  • Will Covid-19 Bring About the Era of the Video Pitch?

    Posted by Aram on March 15, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    With containment measures multiplying all around the world, pitching investors is bound to become more difficult in the coming months.

    Visioconference solutions such as Zoom have spiked in recent weeks.

    Doing a video pitch is a good way to spur interest in your startup in less than 3 minutes.

    It could effectively replace the demo-day type pitches done on stage by Founders.

    It’s also quicker and better remembered than a long10-slide deck.

    Video pitches are one of the alternatives that legendary VC Fred Wilson mentions in a 2018 post titled Pitch Deck Alternatives.

    Here are our tips to make video pitches that impress VCs:

    1/ Make it dynamic. Don’t just stare at the camera for 3 minutes. Use cuts and titles to give your video some rhythm.

    2/ Include your co-founders. Video pitches are an excellent way of showing off the depth of your “bench” without taking precious time away from work. It will also help make your video more lively.

    3/ Focus on key information. You could be tempted to use this medium to show graphs, curves, and a lot of data. Too much data. Instead, determine in advance the top three metrics you want VCs to remember and include them in your video.

    4/ Use high production value. Long gone are the days where you could wing it with a smartphone and rough cut. Many YouTubers make videos with almost professional-level production value. Contract professional video-makers to give your video the attention it deserves. You could reduce the cost by contracting a freelancer.

    5/ Nail the content. Naturally, all the advice we give you in our pitch deck online courses remains valid for your video. You need to deliver your message in a concise, yet convincing manner, with all the content expected by investors.

    Make a VC fundraising pitch that stands out. Try our $1 Trial online course now!

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