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  • "Venture Capital is a dating game." – Guy Kawasaki

    Posted by Aram on September 28, 2020 at 11:45 am

    Guy Kawasaki is unique in many senses.

    He probably was the first person to hold an “evangelist” title in a business context. As Apple’s Chief Evangelist Officer, he not only worked closely with the firm’s other “CEO” – Steve Jobs -, he also was in charge of convincing clients they needed an innovation that was not well understood for a while: the Mac.

    He’s now holding that same title for Canva, closing a 30+-year loop.

    The other unique trait about Kawasaki is that he’s undoubtedly the most successful Exec/VC talking about pitching investors. His videos are everywhere on YouTube.

    In one of them, he takes the dating analogy to explain how VCs make decisions about startup Founders pitching them.

    Quoting an ancestor to Tinder called “Hot or Not”, he makes the convincing case that VCs make decisions in the first “5, 10, or even 15 seconds”.

    Therefore, Founders need to nail the opening part of their pitch.

    Here’s an edit of the original video, focusing on that portion of his speech. (scroll down to see the video below this post.)

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    Speaking Head Did you like this analogy? What are your tips and tricks to pitch VCs?

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