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The VC Factory – Platform Forums VC Quotes “Startups are like sharks. They need to keep moving or they die.” – Garry Tan

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    Garry Tan is the co-founder of Initialized Capital, an early-stage VC firm based in San Francisco. They call themselves the “honeybadgers of venture” and pride themselves on “getting [their] paws dirty”, meaning they help Founders navigate the dangers of building a company.

    Tan is a respected voice in VC and often shares his experience on social media.

    In a video published in January 2020 (see the link below), he gives tips on getting a VC job.

    Tan encourages Aspiring VCs to evaluate a startup as a VC would, by trying to guesstimate the annual growth rate:

    – 2x per year: C+

    – 3x: solid B

    – 4x: A

    – 5x and above: A+

    Having been a Founder himself, he knows how difficult it is to create and sustain those growth rates over prolonged periods of time. Only the fastest-growing companies will get that elusive VC money.

    But that’s the startup’s game, he adds. Startups don’t have a choice: they need to keep growing, or they die. Just like sharks, who are said to need to swim constantly or can’t breathe (at least most sharks).

    On a final note, you’ll hear Garry Tan give some useful advice about getting a VC job. If you’ve attended our live streams on the topic before, you know the first step is to understand key concepts and be battle-ready. That’s where we help you get to thanks to our VC Career Accelerator program.


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