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  • Redpoint eVentures – Leading VC Firm in Brazil

    Posted by marcelo on September 2, 2019 at 8:16 am

    Redpoint eventures is a leading VC firm in Brazil that was founded in 2012 by Silicon Valley VC firms Redpoint Ventures and (the latter of which,, was previously known as BV Capital). The rationale behind their opening of a new fund dedicated to investments in Brazil is better explained by Redpoint founder Jeff Brody below:

    “There is a bit of an educational process. As Silicon Valley veterans we forget that everybody doesn’t read TechCrunch, everybody doesn’t necessarily know how early-stage technology businesses are built and structured here in Silicon Valley… In many ways in Brazil, we have the opportunity to really be part of the formation of something from the very beginning.”

    Its debut fund, entirely dedicated to internet solutions, raised a total of USD 130 million, which made it the largest early-stage venture capital fund in Brazil at the time. As one of the main players in Latin America’s Venture Capital scene, Redpoint eventures has been consistently nominated for “best investor” at the Latam Founders Awards, eventually winning the 2016 edition. Today, Redpoint eventures is currently raising its second fund.

    Key Figures

    Funds: 1 (+1 currently in roadshow)

    Total Funds Raised: USD 130 million (+ an expected USD 130 million for the second fund)

    Investments: 61 (o/w 9 as lead)

    Main Portfolio Companies

    * PSafe

    * Creditas

    * Magnetis

    * Rappi

    * Gympass

    Fun Fact

    All three managing partners have a bachelors in engineering.




    Redpoint Closes On $130M For Brazil-Focused VC Fund


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