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  • Have Any of You Ever Eaten at Burger King?

    Posted by Aram on March 27, 2020 at 6:50 am

    S1Ep3 – Articles of Incorporation

    Every company needs to draft a document called Articles of Incorporation, which contains basic information such as the name of directors, address of incorporation, and the number of shares. Most US startups are registered in Delaware and have a C-Corp form.

    Better product. It is the issue most technical Founders face: believing a better product will sell more. In reality, most successful products are good enough for their clients. They don’t need to be the best. It is an insight that Clayton Christensen discovered in the disruption theory. It is also used in VC regarding product/market fit.

    Intellectual Property. The commotion around the name Pied Piper happens more than you think in reality. Founders need to register their trademarks and domain names as soon as they baptize their startup. Legal due diligence checks that point first. VC-backed startups tend to be sued more than their non-VC-backed counterparts because they have shareholders with deeper pockets.

    Finding a name. Again, a very real problem many Founders are facing. For some, it’s incapacitating. Others get a quick name in, only to regret it later because their product offer changed, or the name is too local. Is there any methodology to get it right? We recognize brands such as Yahoo!, Google, or Uber because we heard about them so much. Not because they are great names to start with.

    Negotiation. Richard’s negotiating style would probably not get him anywhere in the real Silicon Valley. Negotiating is about making compromises. You’ll have to help the other party save face, too.

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