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The VC Factory – Platform Forums VC Quotes "Bits vs Atoms: take the shortest timeline and the easiest path." – Fred Wilson

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    The Atoms vs. Bits discussion is a common one in Silicon Valley. The idea is that it’s easier and faster to develop digital products & solutions that don’t rely on physically making or moving things.

    VC Hall-of-Famer Fred Wilson shares this investing tip with us: even when you look at software, ask yourself if it’s made and delivered digitally end-to-end.

    Many companies apply technology to physical goods (Wilson takes the example of machine learning for autonomous vehicles) or rely on a dongle or box to make their solution work (think Chromecast or IoT-based products.)

    In the world of Venture Capital, taking the easiest path and favoring investments that need less time to come to fruition is key.

    Speaking Head What do you think of this adage? Should VC focus on longer-term solutions?

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