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  • John

    June 17, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    I found several points interesting about this article.

    1, The Forbes’ Midas List. I didn’t know that even existed. I spent 15 minutes looking at that and found it to be a useful resource for connecting to future investors.

    2, I always -love- learning about immigrant stories. I don’t think people realize the importance of immigrants in the business landscape. Statistically, Immigrants are 2X more likely to become business owners in the US, compared to natural-born citizens. And second-generation immigrants are 3X more likely to become business owners. Reading that Doug Leone had to find a way into this VC world makes his accomplishments that much more impressive. (43% of the Fortune 500 CEO’s / Founders were 1st or 2nd generation immigrants) 🙂

    3, “Dumbo Ears” – We all need to see where the future is heading. Being able to predict the future, is part of our great gifs, as business leaders.

    Lastly, this article combines these two concepts beautifully. In order to see where the future is heading, we need to talk to other people. We need to be open to diversity, (Nationality, Skin Color, Gender, or Gender Identity). Immigrants play a huge role in shaping this nation, and we need to embrace them with open arms. There’s a LOT we can learn from other cultures if we are simply willing to have “Dumbo Ears” to listen.