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Venture Capitalist 101

Understand venture capital from the inside

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Startup Founder 101

validate your idea and fund it with VC money

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Angel InvestOR 101

make the most of the new market opportunities

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Course content is adapted for all types of learners including founders, executives, and students (MSc & MBAs).


We customize content to your needs: quizzes, challenges, assignments, reports, and more. Offline sessions can be arranged, too.


Learners are placed in dedicated groups to favor homogeneity of learning and interactions on our social platform.


Manage your budget: we offer flexible pricing for groups of 5 learners minimum. Contact us for more information.

a unique, tested methodology

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Learners are placed in groups on our platform. We organize an introductory session (online or offline) to go over the syllabus and familiarize them with using all our tools.

Representatives from the institution have meta-access to the groups and can track progress as well as provide guidance.

Step 2

Learners engage in self-learning on our platform, going through videos, posts, curated content, quizzes, and producing deliverables.

We provide asynchronous feedback on their deliverables. Weekly live webinars are also organized to summarize key learnings & go over deliverables together.

Step 3

(Adapted for COVID-19 Constraints)

Role-play depending on each curriculum. Pitching online to experienced professionals in your or our networks, allowing for enriching live feedback. Video recording of the session is available on the platform.

venture capitalist 101

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Break Into Venture Capital

Learn The Trade. Get a VC Job.

Deep dive into how VC works, and what Venture Capitalists do. Learners also acquire knowledge about valuation, VC instruments, term sheets, and Board meetings.

Objective: ​Acquisition of the VC toolbox.

  • Self-Learning
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Live Workshops

Raise A VC Fund

Craft An Investment Strategy

Learners use our proprietary VC Funds Projections Model to simulate a new fund’s economics, deployment strategy, and potential returns.

Objective: Familiarize with Fund parameters.

  • Self-Learning
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Live Workshops


defend your investment thesis

Learners take the roles of VCs presenting a deal opportunity to their investment committee. They are challenged over their analysis of the startup and the transaction terms.

Objectives: Master analysis fundamentals. 

  • Self-Learning
  • Live Role-Play

Case Study: HEC Paris

Msc International Finance (mif)


HEC Paris is one of the leading business schools in the world, with MBAs and Executive Programs ranked in the Top 10 globally by  the Financial Times.

The MSc International Finance is ranked #1 in the world by the Financial Times. MIF Graduates work in the most prestigious M&A banks worldwide, but also Private Equity & VC Firms.

Startup Founder 101

Get Started

create a vc pitch deck

Get An Investor Meeting

Founders draft a 10-page VC-ready pitch deck. They acquire the basics of startup fundraising and learn what VCs look for in startups.

Objective: Get through the VC door.

  • Self-Learning
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Live Workshops

RAise VC Funds

Succeed At Your Fundraising.

Founders gradually produce all the deliverables needed by Investors to make an investment decision.

Objective: ​Get VC money.

  • Self-Learning
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Live Workshops

PITCH to investors

Raise Money

Presentations are pitched to investors in your or our network. Feedback is given after the online meeting based on the recording.

Objectives: Raise money or simulate pitching. 

  • Live online meetinG PITCH

Case Study: IoT Valley



IoT Valley is a leading Internet of Things accelerator based in Toulouse, France, where global IoT network leader Sigfox is headquartered. Its partners include prestigious names such as Microsoft, BNP Paribas, and Carrefour.

15 entrepreneurs recently completed our “Startup Founder 101” track over six weeks. They pitched VCs and experienced post-Series A entrepreneurs at the end of the program. Play the video for more details.

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