Do Your Own Page – The Financials

It’s your turn!

Now that you know what the Financials page of your pitch deck should look like, create it for your startup!

Mention all the content we covered (cashflow forecast and P&L for the next 3 years, uses of funds, etc.) while keeping the page simple to read.

Remember that your pitch deck is made to be presented, not read.

It needs to be concise, so as not to distract your audience from what you are telling them.

👉 Upload an image of your Financials page by using the uploader below. Please use the following file naming convention: “Startup Name_Page Name_Learner Name”.

For example: “SpaceX_Financials_Musk”

Click here if you want more information on how to transform a PowerPoint page into an image.

Go to our Resources section to see additional examples. 

Note to Learners working in groups: this lesson will be marked complete only when all members of your group uploaded the corresponding page