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Why Boards Make Founders Uneasy

Most Founders have grim thoughts when they hear about Boards. For some, the Board is the boss they didn’t want when they set out on their entrepreneurial journey. Unfortunately for them, taking money from VCs comes with Board seats attached, and means sharing decision-making.

Besides, good Boards help founders accelerate growth and avoid mistakes.

In these Founders’ minds, Boards are founder-unfriendly. Some high-profile cases such as Steve Jobs being fired from Apple, Travis Kalanick from Uber, and more recently, Adam Neumann from WeWork, entertain such fears. Although these cases are very different, they are routinely mentioned by entrepreneurs as examples of Boards having too much power.

Yet, we live in an unprecedented founder-friendly era: the Founder-to-CEO path is now more than ever supported by VC firms. Andreessen Horowitz is one of the pioneers in that domain.

More often than not, Boards are supportive of the founders.

Read the articles referenced below. What do you think about these situations?

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  • It feels like it was not only a mistake but plain wrong to fire Steve Jobs from Apple, a company he had founded. They had to call him back a few years later, and the rest is history. For Kalanick, it’s a whole different issue though. He had created a toxic culture at Uber and had to be let go.

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