• 31 Units

    Startup Boards

    Almost everyone complains about startup Boards. Founders because they take too much time, Investors because they get too little information, too late. Learn how to…
  • 31 Units

    VC Career Accelerator – Live Sessions

    This is is the companion module to the VC Career Accelerator, a unique 8-week e-mentoring program to help you get a Venture Capital job, raise…
  • 51 Units

    VC Term Sheets

    Term sheets are the most complex documents negotiated in Venture Capital. A large number of parameters, beyond valuations and instruments used, need to be negotiated.…
  • 63 Units

    What Do VCs Do?

    This introductory module to the VC Career Accelerator follows the Venture Capital cycle. You will understand how the best VCs generate deal flow, analyze startups,…